5 Car Maintenance Tips That Can Prevent Major Repair Cost

Car maintenance is not a joke. You have to be sure the vehicle is in the good condition, you have changed the oil after 5000 miles each time, and the tires are fine. But paying here and there a few bucks will prevent major repairs. The right maintenance and regular checkups are great ways to extend your vehicle’s lifetime.

It just takes your effort for a vehicle to prevent maximum repair costs and provide better driving experiences on your trips.

To help you maintain a car in a better way, here we have given some of the important car maintenance tips that slow down big problems.

Whether it is small or big, lower or costlier, every car needs maintenance. Don’t neglect it. Let’s go through the ways how can you care for your car.

  1. Start with the tire.

Be it a small or long trip, having an inflated spare tire for backup is important. It helps in emergencies. But what if you find that the spare is flat and you don’t have an air pump with you? In this condition, there is no way but to call a towing service. It is going to cost you hundreds of dollars. Now think what if you have an air pump? With that, you can eliminate the expense of towing.

  1. Change the oil.

The oil problems on the car will cost higher. Compared to other oil problems are costlier car maintenance issues to fix. As the car oil is needed for maximum car functions, if it is bad it affects everything. So it is better to spend $25 for every 5000 miles and change it. The poor oil problems when unnoticed can create big engine problems which will be twice or costlier than this.

  1. Check the battery.

Like how bad oil circulation can affect most parts of the car, the corrosion in the battery can also do the same. The corrosion in the battery terminals looks like blueish or white powder and can cause serious heating problems. You should have to keep the battery terminals clean, if you don’t the battery will create a crack, function poorly, and leave you into big trouble. A good quality battery can cost up to $100 plus the towing cost another hundred dollars. You know a $5 brush and a regular checkup on batteries will eliminate them. 

  1. Replace the brake pads.

Most of us never think of replacing the brake pads until they started making sounds when hitting breaks. If it does, we are sorry that you are in need of a minimum of $300 to buy a new set of brake pads for four wheels. The cost does not include an installation cost. Always check the brake fluid whenever you change the car oil and make sure the brake fluid is not dark. The dark fluid color indicates, that the brake system is taking its last breath and you need to change them sooner.

  1. Inspect the air filter.

An air filter in the car help keeps pollutants from entering the vents. The air filter is also one of the important parts that ensure safe travel so you have to make sure it is good. It can create problems in the air conditions system if you did not care about it. It is even worse when you are not seeing that comes. If you don’t know, the replacement of a full AC unit will cost you $1000 to $5000. That is a lot of money. Trust me you don’t want that. To avoid this, make sure you are doing an inspection every year or after every 12, 000 miles.